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Older Adults

Older Adults

Treatment for Older Adults

Canyon Ridge Hospital’s Generations program provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment for older adults in Chino, California. 

Older adults require specialized treatment programs to take into account their unique needs, and both of our older adult inpatient programs and older adult outpatient treatments are designed to meet those needs. 

Generations Inpatient Treatment

Generations is a dedicated psychiatric program which addresses key issues unique to an aging population. Some topics covered are mild to moderate cognitive impairment, loss of independence, changes in physical functioning, grief and depression.

Our inpatient treatment allows for patients to stay residentially and receive around-the-clock therapies and treatment throughout the day and night while also living in a positive, structured environment. 

Generations Outpatient Treatment

Canyon Ridge Hospital’s Generations outpatient program is dedicated to addressing issues unique to an aging population. Some topics covered are grief and loss, changes in physical functioning, transitions such as retirement, changes in living situations and loss of independence.

Our outpatient mental health programs for older adults include both a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). 

Older adult mental health treatment in a PHP is a full-time day program. While patients will receive treatment and therapy for behavioral health problems in the day, they return home at night. This is a great option for patients “stepping-down” from residential treatment back to a more independent environment, as well as patients who need mental illness treatment but not the all-day and night level of inpatient care. 

Mental health services for elderly patients in an IOP are a part-time day program, where patients receive treatment for mental disorders or substance abuse for a few hours a day throughout the week. IOP health care services are great for patients “stepping-down” from other levels of care or testing out treatment again or for the first time. 

Mental Health in Older Adults

Senior mental health is a crisis in the making, as the elderly population is expected to more than double in the next 30 years, and a large number of this group struggles with mental health issues. Often chalked up as “part of aging,” older people can feel ignored and their mental health can quickly deteriorate. Treatment can make a difference. Don’t let this happen to your loved one. Contact Us Today.

Why Use Elderly Mental Health Services

Mental health and aging require unique treatment services compared to typical behavioral health treatment, and we at Canyon Ridge are more than prepared to take care of your loved one and provide them with the tools, skills and education necessary to take a positive step forward. No person is one-size-fits-all, and their treatment should not be, either.

Don’t Hesitate, Call Today

Our assessment and referral team is staffed with licensed professionals 24/7 to help you get the help you need, when you need it. To schedule a no-cost, confidential assessment call 909-590-3700 today.