“The staff is wonderful. So many amazing folks that work here.”

-Carol, Former Patient

“This is the best mental health facility I have ever been in. I liked the staff here and the doctors. The food is great. Everyone was so helpful and cared. I would come back if I ever had other mental health needs. They care here and are real understanding. They managed my medications and made it possible for me to attend groups. This is the best hospital in our community and I will recommend it to anyone I know that needs help.”

-Diana, Former Patient 

“I honestly have to say it’s one of the best therapy programs I have been a part of. The staff care and have compassion. Staff treat clients like they’re family instead of a diagnosis. No matter what your illness or what you’re going through, the staff at Canyon Ridge are willing to help you.”

-Vanessa, Former Patient

“It was the greatest experience. Everyone was very helpful and supportive. I made friends I will keep for life. I believe it’s an excellent choice if you are in need of serious/any help.”

-Lauren, Former Patient

“This facility is very nice to come to! Excellent when you’re in crisis or should I say very in need of a place to come when you need help.”

-Tom, Case Manager of Former Patient 

“My son was voluntarily admitted and the first night was by far the longest and roughest. The next day the staff was beyond compassionate and still maintained complete professionalism. For it being one of the worst parenting moments, it’s extremely comforting knowing that your child is truly in a nice, clean and well staffed with people with actual feelings and compassion. I hope to not return, due to it’s nature, however if anyone’s child has to be admitted I hope this comforts or helps the parents in any way to rest a little easier knowing they’re safe and doing what they need to help your child better.

-Joseph, Parent of Former Patient